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Attorney John Bieder Obtains Defense Verdict in Rochester Action Against Well-Known Fast Food Restaurant

Attorney John Bieder obtained a defense verdict in the matter of Kuhn v. Sharel Ventures LLC. In this case, plaintiff claimed that he slipped and fell on a wet floor in a well-known fast food restaurant. Mr. Bieder introduced photographic evidence obtained from video surveillance which served to refute plaintiff’s claim that there were no warning signs in place. Mr. Bieder also produced two witnesses to attest that they both warned plaintiff that the floor was wet. Based upon his experience handling several matters in Small Claims Court, Mr. Bieder established that any damages were limited to $181 for economic loss because plaintiff is precluded from recovering for pain and suffering in a Small Claims Court action. The Arbitrator agreed with all of Mr. Bieder’s arguments and thereby dismissed plaintiff’s case in its entirety

Leah Kalotay