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Black Marjieh Attorneys Participate in Claim Handling Training Program at McDonald's World Headquarters

Black Marjieh attorneys Evan Rudnicki and Trisha Starkey were delighted to visit McDonald’s World Headquarters in Chicago last week where they participated in a useful and intriguing attorney training program that focused on the importance of the proper handling of all facets of hospitality claims and protecting the McDonald’s brand.  Evan and Trisha were excited to witness the thought and dedication that goes into the food production from the management level to the test-kitchens as McDonald’s continues to be at the forefront of the restaurant industry.  Evan commented “It was enlightening to learn first-hand how McDonald’s has embraced technology and customer feedback to continuously thrive in an all too competitive restaurant marketplace.  The employees of McDonald’s should be commended for their dedication and hard work.”   

Robert Leff