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Black Marjieh is Certified as a Great Place to Work

We are happy to announce that Black Marjieh has been certified as a Great Place to Work for 2018. The certification is based on a structured process including employee surveys about the workplace environment. 100% of the Black Marjieh team reported that the Black Marjieh workplace is great, that people care about each other and that they are proud to tell others that they work here.

The official Great Places to Work review includes information on Black Marjieh Perks and Programs, including free gym memberships, karaoke and happy hour Fridays, HQ Trivia Time, frequent team lunches and team volunteering events.

Rob Leff states that, “We are thrilled with the culture we have created together.  We work hard but have fun too, making sure we treat each other with respect and kindness along the way.  We truly care about each other and help each other succeed.  I’m proud of our achievements and everyone who works here. We’re a great team.”

Full review:

Marnie Piazza